To tidy up washroom, we need…

Drawer orgnizers!!!

Before and after pictures 


Backyard flower arrangement ideas

Floral arranging can be a lot of fun with beautiful results.

There’s nothing like having fresh flowers to dress up your house 🙂

I haven’t taken any flower arrangement classes, so simply do it with my own feelings.

Basically, I need to check in my backyard what flowers are available, choose a vase, then arrange them to have different layers , mixing and matching colors.

Isn’t it simple? You can do it, too!

Driftwood craft ideas for her and for him


Sometimes I pick up some driftwood when I go out for a walk.

I made this frame for my best girlfriend, who is a driftwood fan.

The cross is for him, and “the brother” likes it a lot 🙂

有时散步捡捡漂流木。相框送给闺蜜,一个driftwood  fan;十字送给某人,深得兄弟欢心 :)