Protecting your vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones!

A few days ago, my colleague showed me a car accident video shot by his dash cam.

At the cross to our company and highway 17, there was a motorcycler hit by a car. The motorcycler was going straight, and there was a car turning left at the cross. The lady driver in the car didn’t see the motorcycle coming. Once she saw it, she STOPPED in the middle of the highway instead of speeding up.

The poor motorcycler hit his bike on the car, and flied into the air, turned several times before he fell down to the ground

The car which hit the motorcycler was just in front of my colleague. Then I saw in the video my colleague went out of his car, carefully approached the motorcycler and asked “Are you OK?” The poor man could only say “Call 911. Call my wife”.

After watching that video, I immediately decided to buy a dash cam to protect us. Hopefully nothing will ever happen to my family and me (fingers crossed), but if it ever happens (unfortunately good drivers need to take care of bad drivers on the road, and there are quite a few bad drivers outside), at least we have some evidence. 

I checked online and asked friends who possess dash cams. Normally a dash cam with memory costs more than $100, however, I found I can by this camera $40 (without memory) and a 32G memory for $12, so in total just $50 ish! 

We already received it and started recording our journeys on the road. Yes, I am satisfied with it and feel being protected. To protect your vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones, I strongly recommend everyone to have a dash cam in your car. You couldn’t be wrong to be prepared!



Also I found some YouTube videos about it as below and hope they are of some help:

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