Paddle boarding in an amazing weather

The feeling of being alone on the lake is great!

Paddle boarding provided me a different perspective of the lake by my house. I’ve never noticed so many water lilies on the lake that I thought I was so familiar with.

To paddle board, you need

  1. a board (of course you know! haha) There are two types of board: inflatable and hard board.
  2. a paddle. I suggest to choose the one with adjustable height
  3. a surf suit or wet suit. It keeps you feeling warm, and protect your skin from UV
  4. a pair of water shoes (lots of people just go with bare foot, but trust me, you don’t want to hurt your feet when you step on sharp rocks )



Pot Trinity – the ONE pot combines rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker

What a nightmare – my rice cooker didn’t work anymore!

I had to replace it ASAP because I eat steamed rice daily.

I was also looking for a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. I checked the Bay, Home Outfitter, Superstore, Walmart, but if I buy 3 of them separately, it might cost me up to $500, besides, they are just so bulky for my limited kitchen space.

I didn’t t have many choices  because I live on an island. The last resource I checked was Amazon, and look what I found – the instant Pot!!!

The  instant Pot is indeed a pot trinity – it combined the functions of rice cooker, slow cooker and high pressure cooker into one, but the cost is just $ 124.99, even less than 1/3 of $500!

The design is so simple, first choose one of the food category buttons, then click start, and that’s it!!! I can steam rice, stew or sauté meat and poultry, prepare soup and or congee, and much more!

I am so happy with it!!! Say good bye to my old rice cooker on the left! 😀

Two years have passed, it works very well and I am still very happy with it!

Actually, it turned out that I didn’t get enough of instant Pot. LOL! As I just purchased an inner pot , so I can cook different food continuously without washing the inner pot.



Driftwood craft ideas for her and for him


Sometimes I pick up some driftwood when I go out for a walk.

I made this frame for my best girlfriend, who is a driftwood fan.

The cross is for him, and “the brother” likes it a lot 🙂

有时散步捡捡漂流木。相框送给闺蜜,一个driftwood  fan;十字送给某人,深得兄弟欢心 :)

A bug’s life

I wish I had found this hammock earlier at Amazon.

Now after dinner, I lie here every day, thinking like Heimlich in A Bug’s Life — ” Someday, I will be a beautiful butterfly, and then everything will be better. “(A Bug’s Life )

This hammock priced as $36.99. You may find other hammocks cost $20ish at Amazon, but this one includes ropes and straps, which are worth of $20 already, and easy to install.

我和亚马逊这个吊床 真是相见恨晚。现在每天吃饱在后院躺着,感觉就像虫虫特工队的那条最后长出小翅膀的大青虫一样。



No time to listen to music or read books?

I’m learning piano but no time to listen to my etudes, and I found this perfect solution – to listen to music or audio books during shower!

I found this shower wireless speaker  at Amazon, just $9.99! I got myself a pink one and my hubby a black one.

They connect to the phones via Bluetooth. They last long time after charging the battery once.

我这个老琴童没时间听练习曲,就洗澡时候吧。我在亚马逊 上买的shower wireless speaker ,才9.99加刀。和手机蓝牙连着很方便。还可以听Audio Book。充一次电用很长时间。


The Gorgeous Zither

The Gorgeous Zither

By Li Shang-yin (Tang Dynasty)

The Gorgeous zither has fifty strings.

Each string, each fret recalls a youthful year.

Master Zhuang woke from a dream puzzled by a butterfly.

Emporer Wang reposed his amorous heart to the cuckoo.

The moon shines on the sea pearls look like tears.

The sun is warm at Lantian the jade emits mist

This feeling might have become a memory to recall

But even then, it was already suggestive of sorrow.