Roomba vs Neato 

My Roomba had the issue “please clean roomba brushes” error message popping up every 5 minutes.

We had to do a Roomba surgery , and luckily problem was resolved by clearning the gears.

But next time I swear that I will buy a Neato ! Why?

1.Insider knowledge: my friend who works in Amazon told me that Amazon insiders all use Neto, even though they sell both, just beacuse “it’s better”

2.I didn’t believe him at first, so I did some google research. This vedio on youTube has a very detailed comparision from quite a few aspects. Paticularly around  4:18, Neato is way more efficient in covering spots.




A birthday gift for my mom

My mom’s birthday is coming! Below is a small gift that I bought for her.

When we were in Italy 2 years ago, she saw some Italian Tri-Color gold jewelry and liked them very much, but she didn’t buy any as they were would cost an arm and a leg.

I just received this one today! It is a Tri-color sterling silver bracelet. Absolutely gorgeous! I like the colours and it shines! I hope my mom will love it!

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for an affordable yet glamour gift for their female relatives or friends! (FYI, my wrist perhaps is too thin for the bracelet as I am only 50kg ish)

老妈生日要到了。给她买了个小礼物。 那年一起在意大利,她看见人家意大利三色金,想要又嫌贵。

Backyard flower arrangement ideas

Floral arranging can be a lot of fun with beautiful results.

There’s nothing like having fresh flowers to dress up your house 🙂

I haven’t taken any flower arrangement classes, so simply do it with my own feelings.

Basically, I need to check in my backyard what flowers are available, choose a vase, then arrange them to have different layers , mixing and matching colors.

Isn’t it simple? You can do it, too!

The best way to have a cat

The best way to have a cat is to have your neighbor’s cat.So you don’t need to feed, scoop the litter or visit the vet. LOL.

Actually, I cannot have cats as my hubby is allergic to it.

I thought of having cats outdoors with a heated cat house.

Where I live is +5 degree Celsius coldest in the winter, so this idea may work.

However, I am afraid my cats will play with my neighbors, like Hobo in the picture.

Any suggestions to my cat dilemma?

Enjoy Summer when it’s still here

It’s already September, but the temperature is still OK to swim in a lake.

I tried my wet suit for the first time, it’s good quality and slim fit. Besides keeping me a warmer and dryer, it protects me from the UV.

Looking up I saw a flock of wild geese in the air, so beautiful, quickly I took my phone to record them, and then, I found that my book was bombed!!! Oh well, this is life 🙂




How long will it take you to recover?

Being inspiring by “How I met your mother” today, I asked him how long he will be wounded if I ever break his heart, just like Lilly did to Marshal. He was cooking some marshmallow bars for me when I asked.

“Dear, how long will it take you?”

“Twenty minutes” he answered without hesitating.

“…” I kept silent for several seconds, thinking it is actually not too bad if he recovers that fast.

“I meant if I break your heart, how long will it take you to recover? It took Marshal 67 days”

He looked at me like an abused kitten “No, I will never recover”. Then he sadly lowered his head and continued cooking.

“Oh…my poor baby…” I opened my arms.

“Anyway…” he raised his head again, and my heart was beating faster for some love words, slowly said he “ If you don‘t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”. (IPhone adverts LOL!!!)