It’s freaking cold

When islanders say it’s cold, the rest of Canadians are laughing at us. But I felt so cold today that I practiced yoga with my wool socks.


My staycation plans

To share my staycation plans that I have carried out for a week: 

1) go to a restaurant every day, or a friend’s house to eat a good meal :p 

2)exercise every day. So far play badminton,tennis, and practice yoga every 3 days 

3) watch a movie every day ( brainwashed by all the Star Wars episodes recently)

 4) get rid off at least one old thing per day or give it to someone who needs it more 

5) as usual practice piano and read every day

Roomba vs Neato 

My Roomba had the issue “please clean roomba brushes” error message popping up every 5 minutes.

We had to do a Roomba surgery , and luckily problem was resolved by clearning the gears.

But next time I swear that I will buy a Neato ! Why?

1.Insider knowledge: my friend who works in Amazon told me that Amazon insiders all use Neto, even though they sell both, just beacuse “it’s better”

2.I didn’t believe him at first, so I did some google research. This vedio on youTube has a very detailed comparision from quite a few aspects. Paticularly around  4:18, Neato is way more efficient in covering spots.