Pot Trinity – the ONE pot combines rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker

What a nightmare – my rice cooker didn’t work anymore!

I had to replace it ASAP because I eat steamed rice daily.

I was also looking for a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. I checked the Bay, Home Outfitter, Superstore, Walmart, but if I buy 3 of them separately, it might cost me up to $500, besides, they are just so bulky for my limited kitchen space.

I didn’t t have many choices  because I live on an island. The last resource I checked was Amazon, and look what I found – the instant Pot!!!

The  instant Pot is indeed a pot trinity – it combined the functions of rice cooker, slow cooker and high pressure cooker into one, but the cost is just $ 124.99, even less than 1/3 of $500!

The design is so simple, first choose one of the food category buttons, then click start, and that’s it!!! I can steam rice, stew or sauté meat and poultry, prepare soup and or congee, and much more!

I am so happy with it!!! Say good bye to my old rice cooker on the left! 😀

Two years have passed, it works very well and I am still very happy with it!

Actually, it turned out that I didn’t get enough of instant Pot. LOL! As I just purchased an inner pot , so I can cook different food continuously without washing the inner pot.




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